Surveillance Systems

High Definition

We provide high definition security camera solutions that will meet your specific requirements. Whether for public safety, security, asset protection, or legal considerations, we have the right solution for you.

By combining advanced camera features with sturdy housing or discreet camera design, a network integrated camera can be installed in almost any location. This makes them ideal for monitoring inside and outside of businesses and offices, recording in remote locations, or recording high quality video for a host of other purposes.

Popular Security Camera Applications:

  • Remote & Mobile Monitoring
  • Vandalism Deterrence
  • Loss Prevention
  • Business Operations
  • Traffic & Intersection Monitoring
  • Parking Lots
  • Outdoor Camera Systems
  • Internet Security Systems
  • Wildlife Observation

Camera options include 1080P HD resolution wired & wireless systems, indoor & outdoor setups, vandal-proof housing, night vision & thermal image cameras for night recording, and PTZ cameras with high powered optical zooms to monitor large areas. Infrastructure support options include network storage considerations, fiber optic & CAT6 cabling, radio & microwave wireless transceivers, and routers & switches to route the data across the network. In addition many software options are available to record, monitor, and analyze surveillance videos.

Long Range Wireless

Utilizing long range wireless technologies, we can extend your high definition camera network.

Combining our knowledge in multiple disciplines, we utilize wireless networks, high definition cameras, solar power, and deep cell battery technologies to implement a cutting edge system. Our wireless solutions add the ability to transport high definition video data over long distances.

Employing our wireless infrastructure, we are able to install high definition camera's in isolated and hard to reach placements. These additions are not necessarily intended to replace the existing security camera system, but rather to augment it.

Typically these long range wireless solutions are used to transport video and sound, however other applications are possible including extending cell phone signals into "dead zones".

Potential benefits include:

  • Fast deployments
  • Cost savings vs. wired solution
  • Removal of physical barriers
  • Remote wireless hotspots possible
  • Greatly extending LAN range

We help you fortify and extend your networking infrastructure beyond your electrical reach and cabling options.