Solar Power Systems

Energy Independence

Investing in solar allows you to own your own power plant, reducing your dependency on the national and regional power grids and utility companies. Be the only one on your block that still has power after a bad storm.

Financial Savings

Solar systems are a great investment. Over time, solar systems pay for themselves, while at the same time providing an immediate increase in the value of your property.

Environmentally Sustainable

Generating your own electricity reduces the consumption of fossil fuels, directly resulting in the reduction of greenhouse gases. Over its lifetime, the average residential system offsets 250,000 pounds of CO2. This is equivalent to offsetting 150,000 miles driven by a car.

Dependable Technology

Originally developed for use in outer space, solar panels are dependable over long periods of time. Solar panels have no moving parts, are silent and almost maintenance free. You can expect your solar panels to provide 30 years or more of electrical production.

Backup Power Alternative

Small solar systems can be utilized to provide an adequate backup power system for your property if the power goes out, keeping your house up and running when disaster strikes.