Assorted Technology Projects

We at Field Explorer perform a wide assortment of technology related projects and tasks. To help convey the types of work we do, we would like to share a small sampling of some of those tasks. Enjoy.

Multi-Media Video Center

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million. For that reason, playing even small clips of video in retail stores has become a very effective advertising tool. And when it comes to video, bigger is better. Huge video walls 20' wide and 8' tall give advertisers plenty of canvas to display their message or movie clip.

The installation of these walls is tricky. One part heavy lifting, two parts detailed wiring, and a little finesse to make it all straight and level. It really brings together several skill sets. At Field Explorer we love these kinds of challenges.

Being able to execute the tech portion of a project, while paying special attention to the real world physical installations you can see and touch is what we feel is unique to a very small group of technicians we are proud to be a part of.

Multi-Media Video Wall | FieldExplorer

Multi-Media Video Wall | FieldExplorer

Wireless Internet Failover

Whenever we are out on a project in the field, we need coffee! But sometimes the coffee store needs us. Installing failover or backup wireless internet access, and managed switches, allows stores to stay up and running even when they experience an interruption of internet service. The bottom line is, it keeps the coffee flowing. Applying the expertise we have in areas like this in the concrete world, helps us release ever improving technology into the wild.

coffee shop wireless internet failover

coffee shop wireless internet failover

Credit Card Pin Pads

Our work at Field Explorer takes us to many interesting places. Here we were in Miami Fl working on a large project installing credit card pin pads for a national pizza restaurant.

pizza shop credit card pin pads