More About Us

Who We Are

We are a data capturing and technology integration company. Our specialty is to use any and all available forms of technology to deliver data, whether remote or local, to the world. To meet that end, we utilize clean renewable energy, including solar and wind to supply power to our systems. We also utilize video and data capturing devices and instruments, long-range wireless, networking equipment, and computers. Our low environmental impact systems can be placed in highly sensitive areas and removed quickly if the need arises, with no permanent footprint.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, produce and provide only the highest quality of products to our clients. Our solutions should be constructed from the latest and most innovative technologies while exceeding all expectations.

Our Philosophy

We hold no particular affinity to any product, method or technology. We are constantly searching for the very best technologies and products to integrate into our solutions. In the case of our Field Explorer System™, we design and build our own custom systems. We position ourselves as technology partners with our clients. With that in mind we analyze their organization with the purpose of discovering unique opportunities that we can recommend and help implement.

Our Passion

Nature, nature, nature. We love the wild. The question we asked ourselves was, "how can we use technology to help protect what we care about?" The answer is our Field Explorer System. Environmentally conscience, zero residual footprint, non-disruptive to wildlife, these systems help bring awareness and education to the public, and up close research opportunities for the scientific community. Customizable, these systems can include 30x optical zoom ultra high definition cameras, thermal cameras, night vision cameras, sound recorders and weather stations.