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Wildlife Habitat & Zoo Camera Viewing Systems

Who We Are

We are a data capturing and technology integration company. Our specialty is to use any and all available forms of technology to deliver data, whether remote or local, to the world. To meet that end, we utilize clean renewable energy, including solar and wind to supply power to our systems. We also utilize video and data capturing devices and instruments, long-range wireless, networking equipment, and computers. Our low environmental impact systems can be placed in highly sensitive areas and removed quickly if the need arises, with no permanent footprint.

Our values

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, produce and provide only the highest quality of products to our clients. Our solutions should be constructed from the latest and most innovative technologies while exceeding all expectations.

Our Philosophy

We hold no particular affinity to any product, method or technology. We are constantly searching for the very best technologies and products to integrate into our solutions. In the case of our Field Explorer System™, we design and build our own custom systems. We position ourselves as technology partners with our clients. With that in mind we analyze their organization with the purpose of discovering unique opportunities that we can recommend and help implement.

Our Passion

We love the wild and the wildlife that calls it home. The question we asked ourselves was, "how can we use technology to help protect what we care about?" The answer is our Field Explorer System™. Environmentally conscience, zero residual footprint, non-disruptive to wildlife, these systems help bring awareness and education to the public, and up close research opportunities for the scientific community. Customizable, these systems can include 30x optical zoom ultra high definition cameras, thermal cameras, night vision cameras, sound recorders and weather stations.

Our Story

Dear Visitor

I would like to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on our place in the world, as well as a brief history of where we came from.

While attending a four year course required to become a master electrician, a goal set in motion by the possible future requirement for all data cabling to be performed by a licensed master electrician, an opportunity arrived for a unique project. A remote, solar powered, wireless camera system was needed to observe wildlife on an island. In addition, the construction could not harm the environment, could not be permanent in design, and all equipment could only be transported by boat.

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Team FieldExplorers


  • Adaptability

    Many of our projects present unique challenges and obstacles. From geographical layout to environmental restrictions, we must access the project as a whole while planning and anticipating every small detail and adjusting our solution accordingly.

  • Innovative

    To solve complex problems, we have to stay abreast of curent technologies while exploring the possibility of emerging ones and consider how we can integrate them together. We do not invent the technologies, rather we find ways to integrate them to meet your needs.

  • Resolute Determination

    Some obstacles could initially appear as insurmountable. However it has been our experience that with ingenuity and resolute determination we have been able to see every project through.


Our Approach

When working to solve our clients' problems, our thought process begins with, not what we can sell them, but how best to accomplish their goals. Our client first approach results in a tailored solution that best meets their long term needs.

We use our experiences in the field to guide us on new projects. However, rather than relying on pre-formulated configurations based on past success, we evaluate each scenario and formulate the best solution to meet our clients' needs.


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Jake Saulsbery, FieldExplorers

Welcome to FieldExplorer, releasing technology into the wild! FieldExplorer offers one of a kind technological solutions for seemingly impossible problems. Problems found in the most remote locations and adverse conditions imaginable. Developing our unique techniques has taught us many lessons in conservation; allowing us to leave the smallest possible footprint behind. Please enjoy our site. Contact us today so we can solve YOUR impossible problem! Whether commercial, residential or nature related, we are Field Explorer, releasing technology into the wild!

Jake Saulsbery, FieldExplorers