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Field Explorer System™

Our Field Explorer System utilizes the following key components.

Wildlife Habitat & Zoo Camera Viewing Systems

Ultra Definition Cameras

Using ultra high definition cameras, you will get an intimate look into the secret lives of some of the most skittish bird and wildlife species. Peer into animal behaviors rarely seen by human observers.

Wildlife Habitat & Zoo Camera Viewing Systems

Solor Panel Array

Environmentally friendly, using only green, renewable energy, these systems can be placed deep inside sensitive wildlife habitats without the threat of habitat destruction or wildlife disruptions. These systems are designed to have a zero residual footprint.

Wildlife Habitat & Zoo Camera Viewing Systems

Long Range Wireless

These systems can operate in remote locations and without external sources of power. Typically these long range wireless solutions are used to transport video and sound, however other applications are possible including extending cell phone signals into "dead zones".

  • Overcome any Obstacle

    Every project presents roadblocks. We excel at developing solutions to overcome these challenges.

  • Clean Energy Alternatives

    Out of both necessity and desire, we have developed off the grid systems that utilize solar energy.

  • System Mobility

    Our rapidly deployable units can be quickly moved and redeployed for maximum utilization.

  • Technology Consultants

    We provide a broad base of technological consultation services.

  • Technology Integration

    We utilize all available technologies to formulate the best solution for your needs.

  • Innovative Solutions

    We take an innovative and cutting edge approach to all we do.

Wildlife habitat & Zoo Camera Viewing Systems


We are a data capturing and technology integration company. Our specialty is to use any and all available forms of technology to deliver data, whether remote or local, to the world. To meet that end, we utilize clean renewable energy, including solar and wind to supply power to our systems. We also utilize video and data capturing devices and instruments, long-range wireless, networking equipment, and computers. Our low environmental impact systems can be placed in highly sensitive areas and removed quickly if the need arises, with no permanent footprint.


Releasing Technology
Into the Wild™

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